How to apply hanging punctuation in InDesign and Illustrator

How to apply hanging punctuation in InDesign and Illustrator

Applying hanging punctuations correctly to justified text is one of the modern impacts of InDesign. This is done by setting the optical margin adjustment. Hanging punctuation moves the punctuation mark outside the text margin slightly and makes an illusion of an even edge for the text. Also, a portion of the serifs can be moved out of the text margin with optical margin adjustment.

If you are new to InDesign, hanging punctuation is a strategy for typesetting bullet points and punctuation marks to prevent margin alignment breakage and maintain the flow of text.   See graphic illustration below:


In the image above, the quotation mark in paragraph 1 is tucked inside close to the “D”, losing arrangement.  While the paragraph 2 shows that the quotation mark is slightly outside the text margin.

From your InDesign interface, click on TYPE then STORY






Choose OPTICAL MARGIN ALIGNMENT; change the value till you are satisfied with your choice.

And in Illustrator, from the top menu, choose TYPE, and then OPTICAL MARGIN ALIGNMENT

When in doubt, ensure that the overhang is similar in size as the text.




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